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Below I have documented the compilation of MUMPS 4.10.0 with 8 Byte integers on 64-bit Windows. One may need 8 Byte integers in the case of the serial version of MUMPS when the number of entries in the factor is more than 2^32. METIS For ordering, I employ METIS and it must be compatible with […]

Domen Stadler Files are in /files/contrib/domen.stadler/ For startes, this work was performed on the Windows XP 32 bit computer, but there is no reason to occur any troubles on other windows platforms. To be able to compile, one would need following software: -MUMPS source code ( (tried with versions 4.8.0 and 4.10.0), -WinMUMPS package ( […]

Introduction In the previous paper I have described how to compile TAUCS: Compiling and Using TAUCS under Microsoft Visual Studio. The goal of this paper is to describe how one can compile TAUCS with -MD option. The problem here is that libraries supplied with TAUCS are compiled with -MT option and it is necessary to […]

Introduction TAUCS is a Library of Sparse Linear Solvers developed by Prof Sivan Toledo with Doron Chen and Vladimir Rotkin: The goal of this chapter is to consider how to compile TAUCS under Microsoft Visual Studio. The plan is as follows. First we compile TAUCS with nmake from the command line. Then a simple […]

Introduction UMFPACK is Unsymmetric MultiFrontal direct solver for sparse matrices developed by Prof Timothy A. Davis: In this document I will explain how to modify configurations files in the UMFPACK distribution in order to compile it directly with Microsoft Visual C by using GNU Make under Cygwin. For simplicity I have limited myself to […]

In the simple example considered above (see example with gcc and example with VC++) there were just a few commands to execute. A real project may contain much more files and libraries. A conventional way to automate build is to use make that reads the description in makefile and then executes the command accordingly. Let […]

The goal of this text is to compare the compilation process between Visual C++ and gcc (see Compiling and Linking: Simple Example with gcc). The process is quite similar but behavior of the tools in Visual Studio is a bit different. The librarian in Visual Studio is link and the compiler is cl. The sample […]

It is possible to run Microsoft compiler from console: cl, link, lib, and other tools. However, I find the cmd environment (command tool supplied with Windows) rather primitive and prefer to work under Cygwin environment. Here it is also possible to use command line tools from the Microsoft Visual Studio but it is necessary to […]