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The goal of this section is basically to repeat the rules from the section Using Fortran Subroutines from C++ with the example of the Fortran subroutines decomp and solve from the book Computer Methods for Mathematical Computations. I will use a simple matrix class described in matrix.h (see also Class Matrix). The class is based on vector<double> and it […]

decomp is a simple implementation in Fortran of the LU-decomposition from the book Computer Methods for Mathematical Computations. It is just 169 lines and theoretically one can use the code to learn the algorithm. It also allows you to get the flavor of Fortran, the code, I guess, is written in Fortran IV. Fortran is a […]

David Kahaner, Cleve Moler, Stephen Nash, 1988 This book is similar to the Forsythe book, in a way this is an update. I have browsed the book in 1989, while being at NIST and then used the code from the book for some time. The code is available now at the pages of Stephen Nash […]

George Elmer Forsythe, Michael A. Malcolm, Cleve B. Moler, 1977 With this book, I have learned numerical methods, well, it was already pretty long ago, in 1980. I still like this book though. It is nicely written and well suited to  learn numerical methods from the practical side. Some disadvantage nowadays is that the code […]

A compiler converts a code to an object file and then a linker links different object files with each other. As a result, it is possible to mix programming languages in one project. What is just necessary is to know conventions accepted in different programming languages. Below there is a short description on how one […]

Introduction Interactive System for Numerical Linear Algebra Direct Implementation with Compiled Language Fortran C C++ Using Specialized Libraries: BLAS and ATLAS Using make Compiling BLAS and ATLAS Calling DGEMM from Fortran Calling DGEMM from C and C++ Conclusion Problems Discussion code for the chapter compiled ATLAS 3.6 for Windows Introduction Matrix multiplication is a common […]