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LAPACK is the best linear algebra library and it is free. Hence it would be just stupid not to use it. LAPACK Users’ Guide gives a good introduction in the library, so it is good to have it. The guide with the difference to the code does cost some money but this will be a […]

John R. Levine, Linkers and Loaders, 1999 Linking is considered to be simple but quite many problems happens exactly at this stage. Especially when it is necessary to work with many libraries, the life gets complicated. The book gives a thorough overview on the linking process, what is linking and what one can expect at this […]

David Kahaner, Cleve Moler, Stephen Nash, 1988 This book is similar to the Forsythe book, in a way this is an update. I have browsed the book in 1989, while being at NIST and then used the code from the book for some time. The code is available now at the pages of Stephen Nash […]

George Elmer Forsythe, Michael A. Malcolm, Cleve B. Moler, 1977 With this book, I have learned numerical methods, well, it was already pretty long ago, in 1980. I still like this book though. It is nicely written and well suited to  learn numerical methods from the practical side. Some disadvantage nowadays is that the code […]