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TAUCS library contains several solvers and there are accordingly more classes in solver_taucs.cpp. Each solver has its own class:  TAUCSllt – Cholesky decomposition column by column (slow); TAUCSldlt – LDLT factorization for indefinite matrices (slow); TAUCSllt_mf – Multifrontal supernodal Cholesky decomposition (the best among TAUCS library for positive definite matrices); TAUCSllt_ll – Left-looking supernodal Cholesky decomposition; TAUCSllt_ooc – […]

Now let us employ Matrix and SparseMatrix to run TAUCS. The goal will be to develop a command line tool that will read a matrix and a right-hand side run_taucs matrix rhs in the Matrix Market format and then writes the solution of the system of linear equations in file rhs.solution also in the Matrix […]

Introduction In the previous paper I have described how to compile TAUCS: Compiling and Using TAUCS under Microsoft Visual Studio. The goal of this paper is to describe how one can compile TAUCS with -MD option. The problem here is that libraries supplied with TAUCS are compiled with -MT option and it is necessary to […]

Introduction TAUCS is a Library of Sparse Linear Solvers developed by Prof Sivan Toledo with Doron Chen and Vladimir Rotkin: The goal of this chapter is to consider how to compile TAUCS under Microsoft Visual Studio. The plan is as follows. First we compile TAUCS with nmake from the command line. Then a simple […]