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I like C++ and after I have switched from Fortran to C++ at the beginning of the nineties, I wanted to do everything in C++ including linear algebra. My first linear algebra in C++ was GNUSSL by Robert D. Pierce. It was a nice template library that helped me a lot to understand how one […]

The LAPACK library for linear algebra is integrated in many interactive environments (for example, Mathematica or Matlab) and this is the simplest way to access it. In this chapter, I will demonstrate the use of some LAPACK routines from SciPy in Python. Below it is assumed that NumPy and SciPy are installed in your Python […]

LAPACK is the best linear algebra library and it is free. Hence it would be just stupid not to use it. LAPACK Users’ Guide gives a good introduction in the library, so it is good to have it. The guide with the difference to the code does cost some money but this will be a […]