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The text below is now obsolete, as in the newer version of BEBOP, the compiling under Cygwin goes without a problem. See Compiling BeBOP Sparse Matrix Converter under Cygwin. BeBOP Sparse Matrix Converter contains an executable that allows us to convert between different sparse matrix formats. I was given a file in the Harwell-Boeing […]

It is possible to run Microsoft compiler from console: cl, link, lib, and other tools. However, I find the cmd environment (command tool supplied with Windows) rather primitive and prefer to work under Cygwin environment. Here it is also possible to use command line tools from the Microsoft Visual Studio but it is necessary to […]

Cygwin ( is software that allows us to bring Unix flavor to Windows. This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to install Cygwin along with gcc and make. Provided that the number of packages to install is close to described below, it will be necessary to download about 35 Mb of files from Internet. The […]