Text Editor: Vim

We need a text editor to edit files. It is assumed that you already have one. If not, I could recommend you Vim that is available for free at http://www.vim.org/. In my view it fits well the Unix environment.

It is easy to install Vim. Just download self-installing executable gvim71.exe and run it. When it is done I would recommend to add the next commands to _vimrc that should be located in the Vim directory:

set insertmode
set autowrite
set fileformats=unix,dos,mac
set fileformat=unix
set shiftwidth=2
set tabstop=2
set nobackup

The most important is the first command that makes Vim behave similar to other PC editors. Without it Vim will start in so called normal mode when the keyboard characters will be interpreted as commands. For novices it could be quite confusing.

It is also useful to add the directory Vim/vim71 to the path. Then it will be possible to start the editor from the command line with

$ gvim

There is an extensive documentation supplied with the editor (Help) or you can find even more at http://www.vim.org/docs.php.

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